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How to Care for your Bras


There are few things in life you should buy the best you can afford; shoes, beds and bras. When you've spent good money on buying a beautiful, well fitting bra, you want it to last as long possible. Because bras are under constant strain they will eventually tire. However, you can prolong their lives.

The best way to preserve your bra's life is to hand wash them. We recommend Canadian brand Soak Wash for handwashing because it's a no-rinse detergent that make the whole process so much easier!

If you don't hand wash your lingerie there are a couple of other options for you:

  1. Wash your bras in a laundry bag which will prevent your bra getting tangled in other clothes and beaten by the machine. Always wash on either cold or low. Tumble dry on the lowest possible setting.
  2. If you have a bit of extra time, you can machine wash then air dry your bras so they aren't exposed to the heat of the tumble dryer - heat is the enemy of elastic.

When to Wear
The key element to your bra is the elastic. It gives you the gentle support that gives you shape. When you wear your bra your body heat warms up the elastic causing it to gradually stretch. To give the elastic time to recover it is best not to wear your bra on consecutive days. Try to rotate them at least every other day and better still every three days.

Remember NOT to wear you bra for a part of every day. At the very least try not to sleep in your bra (unless you're nursing and your breasts need some extra support).

The Right Bra for the Time
Bras are designed to be worn for the appropriate activity or outfit. You will be putting your bra under enormous strain, and shortening its life, if you wear it at the wrong time. You may not want to spring clean the house or work out while wearing a plunge bra. You'll be asking too much of it. Check out our Styles page to check which is the right style for the right time and occasion.

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