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How to Fit Yourself

butterfly-collection-lingerie-fit-yourself.jpgWelcome to our easy at-home bra fitting guide to help you find your best bra sizes (there will be a few sizes you can wear depending on how you like your bras to feel).  Measuring yourself is also a good idea before visiting a bra fitter so you know if you're getting an accurate size from them.

You can follow this guide by yourself using a mirror or ask someone to help you if you prefer.  If you would like some bra recommendations for your size you can request a Free Size Consultation.

Step One - Put on your best fitting bra



Standing in front of a mirror put on your best fitting bra (avoid padded, sports, minimizer and molded bras).

Don't worry if you know the bra doesn't fit you correctly.

Adjust the band so that it's as firm as possible and level with the ground while you do the measurements. Scoop as much of your breast tissue into the cups as possible then take your measurements.




Step Two - Measure around your ribcage



Measure around your ribcage using a fabric tape measure. The tape measure should lie flat against your body.

There's no need to pull the tape measure tightly or to exhale.

Make sure the tape measure is level with the floor all the way around your ribcage. Write down your first measurement in inches. No need to round up or down.


Step Three - Measure around the fullest part of your breasts



Pass the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts (over your nipples), again ensuring that it is level all the way around.

Write down the size in inches. Don't round up or down.

We do not recommend doing this step without wearing a bra because your breast shape and density can skew the result significantly.





Step Four - Work out the difference between the two sizes
Subtract your Ribcage Measurement from your Full Bust Measurement. For example:

Full Bust Measurement = 39


Ribcage Measurement = 31

           DIFFERENCE = 8 inches

Step Five - Find your size
Your ribcage measurement is your band size. If you had an uneven number round up one inch to get your band size. For example if you measured 31 then your band size would be a 32 (use your exact underbust measurement to find your cup size you only need to round up to find your band size)

Compare your Difference Number to this table to find your cup size:

Difference in Inches 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
North American Sizes D DD DDD G H I J K L M N

NB: Lots of charts show a UK DD to be the same as a North American DD and a UK E to be the same as a US DDD but we simply haven't found this to be true. Of the styles we carry a UK DD cup is the same as a North American D cup.

Using our example above (a Difference Number of 8) your sizes would be:

32H in North American brands
32G in UK bands

You may also want to check out our North American to UK Size Chart and Shop By Size.

Your Size Alternatives
Depending on your body shape and the brand of bra you may need to try a different size.

Lots of women prefer to wear a band size larger and cup size smaller. How to work this out is easy:

If you go up in a band size you come down in a cup size
If you go down in a band size you go up in a cup size

Use the charts below to see which other sizes you can wear and read this post.

North American Brand Size Alternatives


UK Brand Size Alternatives


There are other factors that affect perfect fit, the style of bra for example, but knowing your size is a great place to start.