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How to Solve Bra Problems

Slipping Straps
The straps on your bra are there to tweak your fit when one boob is bigger than the other or higher/lower than the other one. Ideally your straps need to be adjusted every time you put it on, but at least they need to be adjusted every couple of times to stop them slipping.

Your height, the style of bra and your posture can causes slipping straps. Our blog post explains more. If your straps continue to slip it is likely that you need a different band or cup size. Use our handy sizing guide to help you understand what size you should be wearing.

Red Shoulder Dents
This is such a common problem for big busted women. They can be very painful and at worse they can permanently damage the skin tissue leaving permanent dents in your shoulders.

You can reduce or eliminate these dents by ensuring you're in the right sized bra. Your band should take 80% of the weight of your boobs, only 20% of the strain should be taken by your shoulders. Most women are wearing band sizes that are too big for them leaving the shoulders to take too much pressure.

The style of bra you wear also makes a difference. Choose bras with wide set straps so they sit on the boniest part of your shoulder rather than the soft, tender part. Many bras also come with extra shoulder padding to disperse the pressure over a bigger area.

Band Riding Up
The band of your bra should stay level at the front and back, if it doesn't you need a smaller band size. This will go a long way to stopping unsightly red marks and causing 'back bulge' where you get lumps of flesh poking out between your bra straps. You can also look for a deeper band (with three or four hooks as opposed to one or two) this will give you a smoother appearance and keep your band still.

There is nothing less flattering to your figure than having 4 or 6 boobs! If you find that you have extra boobs spilling out in the centre giving you 4 boobs, or even more boob popping out of the sides under your armpits (giving you 6 boobs!) then you need a new bra. This is undoubtedly due to wearing too small a cup size. However, it is also due to bra style. Make sure you know your bra size then choose a bra that has the right coverage for you.

Underwire Problems
If you find that your underwire is poking into you it can be terribly painful. This can be easily remedied by wearing a bigger cup size. Underwire isn't right for everyone. If you are 'pigeon chested', a condition where your sternum protrudes further forward, you may find that the wire is uncomfortable. Look for bras with lower wires and lower fronts like plunge bras.

Rashes and Irritations
You may find that you get rashes or skin irritations along your band line, in your cleavage or below your band line where your breasts touch your midriff. These are often caused by heat and moisture.

Lots of irritations are caused by wearing the wrong bra size. Most commonly wearing too big a band size allows your boobs to move around and rub against your skin. When your breasts are trapped against your body rather than encased in a cup it can causes fungal infections.

You should visit your doctor to remedy any symptoms and long-term you should choose a bra that is made of a breathable material like cotton or microfiber. Also remember to take your bra off for a portion of every day. Lastly, try washing your bra in a non-biological detergent so it is gentle on your skin.

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