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Bra Styles

Not all boobs are created equal. Most women have one boob slightly bigger than the other, your boobs may be heavier at the bottom or the sides and they can weigh between 10oz and 20lbs! The wonderful thing is that these differences make us unique and beautiful in our own right.

Getting to know your boobs will help you buy the best bra for you. Similar to knowing which style or cut of clothes suit you, understanding which style of bra is most comfortable and flattering on you makes bra shopping so much easier. Remember that your age, weight, activity level and hormonal changes, like periods, pregnancy and menopause, will impact which styles you should wear.

Here's our handy guide to understanding the different styles:

Full Cup Bras


This bra is a full-busted girl's best friend. The fabric extends from your armpit, high over your nipples and into a high centre panel keeping your boobs perfectly supported. This design also means you get a flawless sihouette as your girls are completely encased and lifted. Full Cup bras have come a long way to be beautiful as well as comfortable. Lace and silky fabrics are great for special occasions while cotton and microfibre designs are fantastic for everyday life.

Full cup bras are available in both wire and wirefree styles. Wired bras will give you more lift but wirefree designs are ideal for lots of women.

If you have been blessed with great curves then full cup bras are a great asset to have in your lingerie draw to give you support, comfort and beautiful shape.

Balconette Bras


Balconette bras give you a wider, lower neckline and they are ideal for women with wide breasts or for clothing with scooped necks. The straight across cut design of the balconette can give you more cleavage too. This is an ideal bra to wear with scoop and square neck tops. The Balconette only covers the lower part of your breasts so this isn't ideal if you're planning on moving around a lot, but it's great for making your curves pop!

Plunge Bras


Don't let anyone tell you that you can't wear a plunge bra when you've got big boobs! Sure, you've probably got great assets by themselves, but when you want to wear a stunning dress or top with striking v-neck or plunge neckline, your girls will take you from sexy to goddess! Like every other bra, a plunge has to support you properly, You're looking for slim straps, high sides and a well constructed cup that will provide extra support. Plunge bras are tough to find for bigger busted girls, but we've found a few that give you support and tonnes of sex appeal!

T-shirt Bras


This is a must have for lots of woman. The t-shirt bra is designed to be invisible underneath thin fabrics (like t-shirts). The smooth, molded cups give you a seamless look. Lots of big-busted women worry that a moulded bra will make them look heavier, this is not the case. The completely perfect silhouette of a moulded bra makes you look really well put together.

Strapless/Convertible Bras

strapless.jpg     convertible-bra.jpg

For big boobs a strapless bra has to be of the best quality. The band needs to take all the weight of your boobs so make sure the band is deep - three hooks at least. Silicone lining helps the bra adhere to your skin so it doesn't slip. Most strapless bras come with detachable straps so you can Convert them into a criss-cross or halterneck design.

Sports Bras


Large breasts can move between 3 and 6 inches during a workout if they're not supported properly. This puts enormous strain on your breast tissue (check out our blog for more information about sports bras). Your sports bra should be made from a moisture absorbing material to avoid skin irritation as you sweat. You will find that sports bras cover more of your breasts than other bras as they absorb the impact of your movement.

The Panache Sports Bra and Enell are our best-selling sports bras.