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How to Buy Lingerie for Her




Men have been entranced by the seductive and sensual curves of women for centuries. No matter what age, shape or size your lady is, nothing is more intimate and romantic than buying her lingerie. We've put some tips together to help you get the right results!


Finding the right size

  • Don't guess at your lady's size, chances are you'll get it wrong and it will be a waste all round
  • Ask her which is her favourite bra then, at a discreet opportunity, check the label for her size
  • Be upfront and help measure her size throwing in some kisses for good measure!
  • Get an accomplice. A female friend or sister of your lady will probably have some good inside information and methods

Choosing the right style

  • Word to the wise - don't buy underwear that you think is sexy, buy something that she will love. She'll feel more beautiful and appreciative and you'll get extra points in return!
  • Check out the colours and styles in her underwear draw then find something similar

When in doubt - just pay for it and let her do the rest. A gift certificate ensures she'll get something she truly wants.