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How to Put on a Bra

OK, so this sounds like a redundant page but you'd be amazed how many women are putting their bras on incorrectly.

Does it make a difference how I put on my bra?
Yes! It not only affects your shape, but putting your bra on incorrectly can cause pain and discomfort. One of the most common mistakes is putting your bra on too low.

How to put a bra on correctly
We're not pretending to know your body better than you, so if you need to tweak this guide to suit your body go with what feels good.

  1. Lean forward so that your breasts fall away from your body
  2. Slip the straps of your bra over your shoulders and fasten your bra on the tightest, but most comfortable, hooks
  3. While still leaning forward, slip your hand into each cup and 'scoop' your breast so that your nipples are central and facing straight forward
  4. Stand up and adjust the straps so that your breasts are level and sit halfway between your shoulders and elbows