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Things that affect your Bra Size

By now you'll know that knowing which sizes and styles work for your breast shape are key to feeling good in your bras. It's worth knowing what can affect your bra size and best styles because our boobs change as life changes. 

Your boobs change over time, this is inevitable, but it doesn't mean you can't wear bras that you like, feel good and give you the right support. Just as you wouldn't wear the same clothes you wore as a teenager when you're in your 50s, neither should you be wearing the same underwear. Most women find that their boobs lose volume as they get olde. Breast tissue can become softer with time and some styles are better for soft tissue than other. This blog post has more information on what to look for to fit soft breast tissue.

Besides changes to breast shape or denstity you might find that other physical factors affect your bra fit.

* A lot of women experience varying degrees of osteoporosis and/or arthritis and this can have an impact on your bra fit. For some women a front fastening bra is essential to avoid excessive movement of the shoulder. Front fastening bras are very hard to find in the DD+ market but you can alter a regular bra to be front fastening or have this done by a seamstress. 

* A deep band (3 or more hooks) can give more support and comfort. Ensuring that your band is proportional to your body is always important but a deep band can provide even more support.

There is never a time in your life that you don't deserve support (and hopefully, beautiful) bras. It can be hard to prioritize ourselves, especially in times of great life change, but life is always a little bit easier in a well-fitting bra.

Some women find that their weight affects which bra they can wear. Women with very little upper body fat may find that wired bras dig into them if they wear a bra band the same length as their ribcage measurement. Going up a band size can give much needed comfort without compromising on support enough to jeapordize your fit. This blog post talks more about which women can benefit from adding inches to their bra band size.

If you have excess fat around your torso then it's very likely that a bra band that's smaller than your ribcage measurement will give you the best fit. Your band needs to anchor itself close to your ribcage which might sound painful but in fact your extra body fat around your ribcage creates a great cushion for bra bands. This blog explains more about wearing a band that's smaller than your ribcage measurement.

Just as you wear the appropriate outfit depending on what you're doing, the same applies to your underwear. You'd be surprised at how demanding the average day is. Whether your job is physically demanding or you're running round after little ones, your boobs need to be supported. Wearing the right shape and fabric for your activity is just as important as having the right size. 

Full cup styles are excellent for giving exceptional support in an everyday style. You might need to wear a sports bra for everyday activities if your daily tasks are very physically demanding.

We tend to think that hormones only apply to teenagers, but in reality they affect us our whole life. Some women find that their boobs change by an entire cup size during their period. It is essential to buy properly fitting bras to wear during this time. You'll feel more comfortable and it's much better for your boobs.

There are lots of changes that happen when you become pregnant or give birth so your bras need to change accordingly. Check out our maternity/nursing section to learn more.

As you get older your boobs may lose some of their volume as your hormone levels decrease and the kinds of fabrics that give you the best fit might change.